Q & A for Students

  • When will this be?
    • Thursday, Sept. 5


  • What will the schedule look like?
    • 10:20 - students report to seminar
      • Seminar teachers take attendance and remind students where they are required to go (if any)
    • 10:25 - students are released from their seminar by bell
    • 11:10 - seminar ends


  • How will students know about the offerings?
    • The Seminar Offering Spreadsheet will be posted to the SMN Website each Wednesday.  Additionally, students should publicize what they are offering and discussing other offerings with the students.  These discussions can take place informally during Tribe Time. 
    • Displayed on Learning Commons and Cafeteria televisions.  


  • Will students be allowed to come and go from sessions?
    • Yes.  This will allow them to travel and see multiple teachers if need be.