Test Prep


 Shawnee Mission North 

ACT Test Prep Class - Power Prep Inc


WHERE: Shawnee Mission North High School Learning Commons 

WHY: This class includes practical and relevant information on how to increase your ACT score. It shows you how to control the test and not let it control you! The workshop covers what will be on the test and how to master test-taking techniques. This class is not a practice test! Learn general ideas about the ACT as a whole and the individual tests: 

 English- Learn what ACT test-writers are looking for and how to approach different types of questions. 

 Math- Learn what problem-solving skills and math skills you need. 

 Reading - Learn your best method for doing well on ACT reading. 

 Science- Learn common question types and what’s really required to do well. 

COST: $65 per student 

Sign up at: www.powerprepinc.com