Schedule Changes


For Second Semester

Students may request a schedule change for second semester by emailing their Alpha Counselor.  The schedule change deadline is Friday, December 9.  

There will be no schedule changes in January

Schedule changes will be prioritized based on the following criteria.

  • Your schedule is incomplete, or missing a core course
  • A class is listed twice
  • You have already taken a class that is on your schedule
  • You are a senior and are missing a graduation requirement
  • You are missing a prerequisite for a course
  • Only half of a yearlong class scheduled
  • You have a level change request (Honors/AP to regular or regular to Honors/AP)

You are not eligible for a schedule change IF . . . . . .

  • You don’t have friends in your class
  • You want a different teacher

Students qualifying for a schedule change as explained above can email their Alpha Counselor.

A – D & ELL                 Jeinny Morris

E – K                             Leah Murray

L – Q                             Jennifer Fontaine

R – Z                             Deanna Griffey