Graduation Requirements

Listed below are the minimum credit requirements to earn a diploma from the Shawnee Mission School District.  The Shawnee Mission School District as well as the Kansas Board of Regents strongly recommend that to be well-prepared for the academic rigors of post-secondary education students should take additional classes beyond the minimum requirements, particularly in the areas of math and science. 

English- 4 units

Social Studies- 3 units

  • World Regional Studies - 9th grade
  • Social Studies Elective .5 unit
  • United States History - 11th grade
  • American Government .5 unit - 12th grade

Math- 3 units

Science- 3 units

  • Physical Science (Physical Science, Chemistry or Physics) 
  • Biology - 9th grade
  • Science Elective

Physical Education- 1 unit

Health- .5 unit

Financial Literacy - . 5 unit   (SMSD Class of 2020 and beyond Graduation Requirement)

Fine Arts- 1 unit

Electives- 7.5 units

23 units total (SMSD Class of 2019 Graduation Requirements)

23.5 units total (SMSD Class of 2020 and beyond Graduation Requirements)