Volunteering is welcomed but not required.  Your membership dues help support many worthwhile SM North activities, including:
  • Student programs that teach life-long skills and promote team-building.
  • Social and multicultural events.
  • Teacher appreciation events and instructional grants.
  • Student service through the Presidential Service Awards / BROC. 
  • PTA Reflections program that encourages students in the areas of literature, art, music, drama and dance – and provides opportunities for recognition in regional and national PTA contests.

Shawnee Mission North High School and the Shawnee Mission North PTSA recognizes, and encourages, student and community volunteer efforts in conjunction with the Presidential Volunteer Service Awards with the Bison Reaching Out in our Community program.

BROC Information 

BROC Service Hour Log

Do you volunteer on your own, with a group (such as scouts), with school groups or your church? Be recognized for all you do for our community by logging your volunteer hours and submitting them for the BROC Program. You could receive a Presidential Volunteer Service Award and/or an BROC Award.

Did you know you can list both of these awards on your resume? Allow your commitment to community help you in obtaining college admission, scholarships and employment by documenting your service hours.

Documenting your service efforts also allows Shawnee Mission North to communicate their pride in all the Shawnee Mission North family does for our community.

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