IB Extended Essay

The Extended Essay (E.E.) is a requirement for all IB diploma-seeking students. Students write a 4,000 word research-based, problem-based paper on a topic of their choice. A mentor who is a content expert is assigned to each student based on the topic selected.

A thorough handbook for the E.E. has been established by the Extended Essay Coordinator, Caedran Sullivan.  It can be accessed here:

Possible topics

Group 1: English (literary works originally written in English or comparison of work in English to work originally written in another language)

Group 2: Language B (Language, Culture, and Society, Literature) (must be written in language for which it is registered)


Business and Organization


Classical Greek and Latin

Computer Science

Design Technology


Environmental Systems


History and History of the Islamic World

Information Technology in a Global Society



Peace and Conflict Studies



(World) Politics


Social Anthropology

Theatre Arts

Visual Arts

World Religions


Based on the total score obtained, essays will be marked as:

  • A - Excellent standard
  • B - Good standard
  • C - Satisfactory standard
  • D - Mediocre standard
  • E-  Elementary standard

A score of "E" disqualifies an IB student from achieving the diploma, unless the student passes the Theory of Knowledge essay and receives 28 points, rather than the standard 24 points required when passing both.

Department Contacts 

Shawnee Mission North High School

Jon Durham​

7401 Johnson Drive
Overland Park, KS 66202
(913) 993-7138

(913) 993-6938 fax

Extended Essay Coordinator

Caedran Sullivan

(913) 993-7136